Decorating shared living spaces is an exciting venture for couples, whether they’re moving in together for the first time or redecorating after years of cohabitation. But as thrilling as it may be, there’s a minefield of potential disagreements and aesthetic atrocities to navigate. Here’s a look at some of the more “bold” decisions in home decor and how to tackle them without sparking World War III in your living room:


1. The Neon Pink Couch Affair:

Sure, it screams personality, and it’s the perfect Instagram backdrop. But unless you both share an unwavering love for vibrant hues (and have the confidence of a peacock), this bold statement piece could be a recipe for dispute. Consider a neutral shade for large furniture pieces and bring in bright colors with accessories and accents.


2. The “Artistic” Toilet Seat Covers:

There’s a fine line between quirky and questionable. Toilet seat covers adorned with unusual designs might be fun for a chuckle, but do you really want to explain your choice to every guest who uses your bathroom?


3. The Overly Ambitious Open Shelving:

While they look great in magazines, open shelves can quickly become a chaotic display of mismatched dishes and random objects. Unless you both commit to a life where everything has its place (and stays there), you might want to opt for closed cabinets.

4. The Haunting Doll Collection:

Antique, porcelain, or even just dolls with slightly too realistic eyes can give many people the creeps. If your partner isn’t into ‘haunted mansion chic’, perhaps these should stay in a private room.


5. The Exotic Animal Print Overload:

A zebra-print pillow? Chic. Leopard print curtains, tiger-striped rugs, and cheetah-printed sofas all in one room? Welcome to the jungle. Remember, moderation is key!


6. Overzealous Wall Decals:

While it’s lovely to wake up to an inspirational quote, plastering every wall with life advice might be overkill. And no, “Live, Laugh, Love” isn’t a revolutionary design statement in 2023.


Navigating the Decor Disputes:

Remember, decorating is a journey, not a sprint. It’s about merging tastes, styles, and sometimes making sacrifices.