On Mother’s Day, we have a chance to show appreciation for the important women in our lives. Among these cherished figures are our grandmothers, whose love and wisdom bind our families together. This Mother’s Day, let’s turn our attention and affection towards these remarkable women with some carefully chosen words.

We have gathered Mother’s Day quotes for grandma that capture the love and care grandmothers give us. Each quote is a gem, reflecting the unique bond we share with our grandmas.

These quotes can help you find the right words to express your feelings for grandma on Mother’s Day. You can use them in a card, social media tribute, or any other way. They are more than just phrases; they are a celebration of the special role grandmothers play in our lives.


1. “Grandmother: A wonderful mother with lots of practice.”
A light-hearted way to appreciate her experience and love as a mother figure.

Mother's Day Quote for Grandma 1

2. “Your love is the thread that ties our family together.”
Recognize her role in uniting the family with her love.

Mother's Day Quote for Grandma 2

3. “To the world, you may be one person, but to me, you are the world.”
Express the unique and special place a grandmother holds in your life.


4. “Grandma, your wisdom and kindness will always be part of my life’s greatest treasures.”
Highlight the value of a grandmother’s wisdom and kindness.


5. “Thank you for your endless love and lessons. Happy Mother’s Day!”
Show gratitude for all the love and lessons learned from her.


6. “Grandma, your love has shaped me in lasting ways.”
This quote acknowledges the enduring impact a grandmother’s love has on one’s life.


7. “Behind every good kid is a great grandma.”
Acknowledge her role in your upbringing.


8. “Your hugs and cookies are the best, Grandma!”
Recall fond, simple memories shared with her.


9. “You’ve taught me the true meaning of love, patience, and kindness.”
Appreciate the values she has instilled in you.


10. “A grandmother’s love never ages.”
Emphasize the timeless nature of her love.

11. “Grandma, you are my angel on Earth.”
Express your admiration and love for her in a poetic way.


12. “Your stories and wisdom are the gifts I’ll carry with me always.”
Value the stories and wisdom she shares.


13. “For all that you have done, and all that you are, thank you.”
A simple, heartfelt thank you.


14. “You’re more than a grandmother to me, you’re my role model.”
Highlight her as an inspiration and role model.


15. “Grandma, your legacy is a beautiful blend of love and strength.”
Acknowledge the legacy she’s creating through her love and strength.


16. “To my confidant, advisor, and best tea-time companion – I love you, Grandma.”
Celebrate the unique roles she plays in your life.


17. “In your arms, I’ve always found the safest haven.”
Express the comfort and security her presence provides.


18. “You sprinkle stardust over my life. Thank you, Grandma.”
Use poetic imagery to convey her magical influence.


19. “You are the heart and soul of our family. Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma!”
Celebrate the central role a grandmother plays in the family.


20. “To my storyteller, my protector, my inspiration – Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma.”
Sum up her multifaceted role in your life.


We hope you liked our quotes. Use them to express your love and gratitude, not just on Mother’s Day, but every day.