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Create a Custom Definition Poster

Make your own dictionary definition

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Our customizable definition posters let you choose any word and create a uniquely styled work of art. You can use one of our funny definitions or come up with something completely new! Write your friend's name and give it a personal description. Or describe values important to you or your company so anyone can see what you stand for. There are endless possibilities! Create a fake dictionary entry for yourself, or as an amazing gift to someone else. Our custom definition prints make for fun and meaningful decor.

Create your definition
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How to customize your definition poster?

Pick a theme
Pick a theme
Choose among various colors and layouts to personalize your poster.
Write your text
Write your text
Pick a predefined definition or write your own.
Order your poster
Order your poster
Digital file or real print, the choice is up to you!


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Add a personal touch to your decoration with a custom definition poster

Use our online editor to easily make your own definition poster. Start by choosing a theme. The color, font, and style is up to you. Once you have your theme, pick a word from the list of available definitions. We've got funny fake dictionary entry templates and meaningful word art with real words. If you're feeling creative, you can also create your own definition! Choose a real word, a name, or something entirely made up. Then, enter your definition for it. You can opt for something serious or light-hearted. The options are endless. For example, you could create a custom definition poster for the word "love" and add your own definition of what love means to you. You can also create a custom definition poster for your name or that of your partner. Or for your favorite quote or your favorite phrase. Creating a custom definition poster is an excellent way to add a personal touch to your interior decor. Imagine a poster that looks like a dictionary excerpt, but defines a word or phrase that is unique to you. Once your custom definition poster is ready, you can hang it in your living room, bedroom or any other place in your home where you want to display it. This unique and original poster will add a personal and decorative touch to your interior.

Why a custom word art gift is a great idea

Words are powerful and there are some words that mean more than others. That’s why our custom definition posters make such a great gift. The word or phrase you choose can have great meaning to both you and the recipient of your gift. It can be funny, it can be serious, or something in between. Our customizable definition prints let you choose any word and any definition to produce beautiful artsy posters— use one of our ready-made definitions or come up with something of your own. The result is something meaningful and unique for you and your loved one. You might want to create a poster for each member of your family and display them in your home — maybe even hang them next to each other so they form one big group poster! Or maybe you just want one for yourself that says something about who you are or what inspires you most in life? Whether it's a gift to yourself or to someone else, taking the time to create something personalized will make it mean even more.

Your custom definition is available in several formats

Printed poster

Your memorable poster will be printed on FSC certified, long-lasting museum graded paper. It has a density of 200gsm (80lb) which ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy it for years. Our posters come in different sizes: 21cm x 30cm (8" x 12"), 30cm x 40cm (12" x 16") and 50cm x 70cm (20" x 28").

Digital file

Available immediately after purchase, receive your poster by email in high definition 300 dpi PDF format in A4 size.

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