Choosing a star name for your child can be an enchanting and meaningful decision. Star names often evoke a sense of wonder and mystery, reflecting the beauty and vastness of the universe. They symbolize hope, dreams, and a connection to something greater than ourselves. By naming your child after a star, you give them a sense of uniqueness and brilliance, akin to the celestial bodies that light up the night sky. Here are 32 examples of first names that mean star:


  1. Alya (Girl)
    Alya, a name that means “heavenly” or “sublime” in Arabic culture, is an excellent choice for your daughter. The name conveys the beauty and vastness of the universe. With its melodic quality and celestial meaning, Alya exudes an aura of elegance and wonder.
  2. Hoshi (Boy)
    Hoshi, which means “star” in Japanese, is a simple yet profound name for a boy. It embodies purity and clarity, qualities often associated with the night and starlight. This name is particularly appealing to parents who appreciate the connection to Japanese culture and aesthetics.
  3. Astraea (Girl)
    Astraea, derived from the Greek goddess of justice who became the constellation Virgo, symbolizes purity and innocence. This name combines deep mythological roots with the hope for a just and beautiful world, ideal for a girl growing up with such radiant qualities.
  4. Orion (Boy)
    Orion, named after a mighty hunter from Greek mythology and one of the most prominent constellations in the night sky, is a name that exudes strength and adventure. Perfect for a boy meant to be brave and strong, Orion reflects our fascination and respect for the cosmos.
  5. Leo (Boy)
    Leo, Latin for “lion,” represents not only an animal known for its strength and courage but also a constellation. This name is ideal for a boy whose parents wish to bestow qualities like leadership and bravery.
  6. Sirius (Boy)
    Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, known as “the Glowing One,” is a fitting name for a boy. It symbolizes leadership, brightness, and a remarkable presence, ideal for someone destined to make a lasting impression.
  7. Lyra (Girl)
    Lyra, named after the constellation that contains the celestial lyre, carries a musical and poetic connotation. This name is perfect for a girl who is expected to grow up in a world of creativity and beauty.
  8. Vega (Girl)
    Vega is the brightest star in the constellation Lyra and one of the most radiant stars in the summer sky. The name Vega, which means “falling eagle” in Arabic, is powerful and majestic, ideal for a girl who is to grow up as an inspiring and strong personality.
  9. Stella (Girl)
    Stella, which simply means “star” in Latin, is a classic and beautiful name for a girl. It embodies the glow and constant presence of stars in the night sky, a reminder of the light that exists even in the darkest night.
  10. Star (Girl)
    Star is a direct and powerful name, capturing the fascination and beauty of the night sky. This name is especially fitting for parents who want their child to shine brightly and clearly, like a star in the sky.
  11. Estelle (Girl)
    Estelle is the French form of Stella, also meaning “star.” This elegant and romantic name carries a classic beauty and is perfect for a girl meant to shine softly like a glimmering star in the night.
  12. Étoile (Girl)
    Étoile, the French word for “star,” is a poetic and graceful name. It reflects a fine and artistic nature, ideal for a girl who is to grow up in a world full of beauty and elegance.
  13. Estrella (Girl)
    Estrella is the Spanish word for “star” and a name full of life and melodic quality. It is perfect for a lively girl destined to be radiant and charismatic, like a shining star in the sky.
  14. Matariki (Unisex)
    Matariki is the Maori name for the Pleiades star cluster and plays a central role in New Zealand culture, especially in the celebration of the Maori New Year. This name suits children who should have a deep connection to nature and its cycles, symbolizing new beginnings and hope.
  15. Betelgeuse (Boy)
    Betelgeuse is a remarkable and powerful name derived from the red supergiant star in the constellation Orion. This name could be ideal for a strong and impressive boy who possesses both leadership and a profound personality.
  16. Nova (Girl)
    Nova, meaning “new star,” refers to the spectacular phenomenon of a star experiencing a sudden massive increase in brightness. Nova is a radiant name for a girl destined to shine brightly at pivotal moments in her life.
  17. Pulsar (Boy)
    Pulsar is a name derived from the highly energetic neutron stars that emit radio waves. This is a modern and unusual name suitable for a boy who may excel in science and technology and forge innovative paths.
  18. Quasar (Boy)
    Quasar stands for an extraordinarily energetic and distant galactic core region. With a name like Quasar, a boy might be associated with a vibrant personality and boundless enthusiasm for discovering the unknown.
  19. Cassiopeia (Girl)
    Cassiopeia, named after the mythological queen and a striking constellation in the northern sky, embodies beauty and independence. This is a powerful name for a girl meant to be confident and strong in her own right.
  20. Aldebaran (Boy)
    Aldebaran, the brightest star in the constellation Taurus, conveys strength and constancy. This name could bestow upon a boy a natural authority and calming presence, paired with a strong will and determination.
  21. Aster (Unisex)
    Aster (sounds like astral) is a beautiful Greek name that literally means “star” and is suitable for a boy or girl.
  22. Realta (Unisex)
    Realta is the Irish word for “star.” Though it’s more commonly used for girls than it is for boys, the name is actually unisex.
  23. Felis (Unisex)
    Felis is the Latin word for “lucky,” like when people “thank their lucky stars.” It’s also the name of a specific star, commonly known as the cat star.
  24. Indus (Unisex)
    Indus is a unisex name inspired by the constellation of the same name. The constellation represents a river, which is symbolic of life itself. There’s also the famous Indus River, which flows through India, Pakistan, and Tibet.
  25. Lynx (Unisex)
    The name Lynx means “brightness,” such as gazing at the brightest star in the sky. Lynx is also a type of wildcat, which symbolizes agility and speed.
  26. Pyxis (Unisex)
    The Pyxis constellation is also known as the mariner’s compass. Suitable for both boys and girls, naming them after a wayfinding constellation could be symbolic of helping them find their life’s direction.
  27. Arawan (Unisex)
    The Thai name Arawan directly translates as “sunshine.” Our sun is our brightest star neighbor and represents life itself, making this name a favorite among star lovers.
  28. Astra (Girl)
    A name that sounds like astral, Astra is the Greek word meaning “star,” or “from the stars.” It’s a beautiful way to say your little girl descended straight from the heavens.
  29. Tara (Girl)
    Tara is the Sanskrit word for star. It’s also a very common name in the English language, and many parents who have chosen this name may not understand its true meaning.
  30. Nebula (Girl)
    A nebula is the cloud of dust and gas in space that forms between stars. In Latin, nebula translates into “little cloud.”
  31. Caelum (Boy)
    Caelum literally means heaven in Latin, the place where all stars shine. It’s also been translated to mean chisel, which would be fitting for any aspiring builder, artist, or entrepreneur.
  32. Draco (Boy)
    Also known as the dragon constellation, Draco is one of the largest constellations in the night sky. It alludes to a sense of power and craftiness.

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