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Custom Moon Phases Poster - Moon Couple Gifts

How was the moon phase when we met

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Create a custom moon phases poster depicting the phase of the moon the night you met the love of your life and give your memory a very unique and personal picture of this precious day. This poster is the perfect anniversary or Valentine’s day gift for your couple. Fill in the day and time and the moon phase corresponding to this date will be automatically generated on your poster. Also add personalized text and even the GPS coordinates of the exact location. Ideal for a poetic and refined decoration, this moon phases poster can also represent a photo of the moon on your birthday, wedding day, the day your child was born or any other day when your life has been marked by a beautiful event.

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How to customize your moon phase poster?

Choose a time and place
Choose a time and place
We will reproduce the phase of the moon on the date and place of your choice thanks to our interactive editor which comes with an instant preview.
Add a personal message
Add a personal message
Share kind words to your loved one to make your gift completely unique.
Customize your moon phase poster
Customize your moon phase poster
Choose from different color options, starry backgrounds and designs to find the perfect match with your interior decoration.


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A custom moon poster to connect with oneself and the universe

The moon is a fascinating celestial body that has captivated humanity for millennia. It reigns over the tides and influences our emotions and behaviors, and is often associated with romance and magic. Since ancient times, it has been associated with astrological signs and the zodiac. In fact, the moon corresponds to a certain astrological sign depending on its phase at the time of birth. Through the lunar cycle, you can learn more about the influences of the moon on your life and personality. It's not surprising then, that many people want to be inspired by the moon for their interior decoration. This poster depicts the exact phase of the moon on the day and time of your birth or any other special day. You can choose from different phases of the moon. Wether you are born on a full moon or on a new moon, you poster will be unique and personal. Besides its decorative aspect, this personalized moon phase poster can also be a way to connect with the universe and take the time to reflect on one's place in the world. The moon is a powerful symbol of transformation and change. Observing its phase at a specific moment of your life can help you better understand your own cycles and patterns.

A moon phase poster, a unique and special decorative gift

If you are looking for a poetic and refined touch for your interior decoration, the moon poster is the perfect choice. With this personalized moon poster, you can show your loved ones the beauty of the lunar landscape. You can choose the moon phase on your birthday or any other event that marked your life. This poster is not only a beautiful decorative object, but it can also be an ideal gift for someone special. Whether it is to celebrate a birthday, a wedding or any other important event, this poster will be an unforgettable memory for the person who receives it. You can even add the GPS coordinates of the exact location of the event for an even more personal touch. In summary, a picture of the moon is a unique and special decorative object. It can be used to enhance your interior or to offer an unforgettable gift.

Your moon phase is available in several formats

Printed poster

Your memorable poster will be printed on FSC certified, long-lasting museum graded paper. It has a density of 200gsm (80lb) which ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy it for years. Our posters come in different sizes: 21cm x 30cm (8" x 12"), 30cm x 40cm (12" x 16") and 50cm x 70cm (20" x 28").

Digital file

Available immediately after purchase, receive your poster by email in high definition 300 dpi PDF format in A4 size.

Moon phase poster example 1
Moon phase poster example 2
Moon phase poster example 3
Moon phase poster example 4
Moon phase poster example 5
Moon phase poster example 6
Moon phase poster example 7
Moon phase poster example 8
Moon phase poster example 9
Moon phase poster example 10

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